Our Story

The word Vellum was coined by Mr. Binyam Solomon, the founder and owner of Velum Media, who has been using it for more than 15 years since he started a children's newspaper in his days as a journalist. Vellum Children's Newspaper, Vellum Study Center, Vellum 10 Children's Books, and since three years has joined the media sector by establishing Vellum Media, Marketing and Communications.

Vellum is currently working on large projects outside of media production and is involved in the eco-tourism sector, women and children and charity work.Vellum Media is full of dedicated professional personalities with outstanding journalism and production skills. It is been a while that I have an experience working with them in different occupations and they made me proud with their awesome works. 

vellum means....

  • Vellum is writing.
  • Vellum is also a speaker.
  • It is also an indication of the sum of two results.
  • Vellum is the English word for 'parchment'.
  • When the velum is called by itself, we find that it is the most important part of the tongue that helps us to communicate.

Velum Media is composed of a group of professionals who have been working in the field of media consulting and development and have been engaged in many media and entertainment activities.  It has obtained its legal entity from all relevant parties, with business registration number AA/BO/04/1/0007275/2014, business license number AA/BO/04/14/673/2599422/2014, tax identification number 0026947420, and value added tax 18617650819. 

Vellum Media aims to write the appropriate content in the printing media, announce it on the radio, and present various events that are selected on television and social media Moreover on several  projects. 


Leading producer in the country;  Being a media of entertainment and information providers


  • Reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make us a leading entertainment company.
  • Optimism, creativity, politeness, quality, social inclusion.


Accelerating business growth by creating awareness using our innovative ideas, innovative approach and great wisdom.


Delivering memorable experiences that our team members are proud to work for, our customers are satisfied, and creating a state of the art village.

Early works of members of Vellum Media

It is true that behind visible works there are invisible heroes.  However, when Velum started to become a media and planned better ways, he gathered professionals to work with him and included those who were successful and appreciated in their previous work.

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